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Award winning Pirogies

Made by hand with 100% natural ingredients.

Our Pierogies are made by the hearing impaired. The company supports the hearing impaired community and employs only the hearing impaired in the preparation of our Pierogies. Please try our delicious Pierogies, you will not be sorry!

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Wicked Good Gourmet is Foodie Heaven, Pick your Poison!


 Lovingly crafted and dedicated to satisfying the most discerning palette. Pierogies to Hand Crafted Bread and Baked Goods, Wicked Good Gourmet has so much to discover, there is something special for the foodie in all of us!  Let us deliver your favorites.

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Award Winning Hand-Made Pierogies

Preserving the tradition of old-world hand-made Pierogies is what we do. Since 2001, We have used a treasured Polish family recipe to make award-winning Pierogies lovingly from scratch. 100% natural, all our ingredients are the highest quality available, no additives, no preservatives, just pure goodness.  The ultimate mouthwatering experience!

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"Little Bit of Candy"

Home Made Scones from "LBC" Little Bit of Candy


Order a Dozen scones at a discounted price.


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Incredible Chocolate Fudge!


 "Little Bit of Candy" to die for Chocolate Fudge at an introductory price.

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Best Caramels Ever!


 "Little Bit of Candy" Incredible Homemade 

Caramel Candy. 

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Little Bit of Candy "Only the best Ingredients"

Best seller- Pecan Bars


Little Bit of Candy Scrumptious Pecan Bars 

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The Best Foods are made with love by people who Care!


Coming Soon from our Artisans Kitchens!

Garden Party Cupcakes


Christmas Cookies


The Best Christmas Cookies you will ever Try!

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 Homemade Muffins

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Award Winning Pierogies, Pastries, Candy and More..

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